Recruitment Process

Applying for an announced vacancy

Responding to advertisements published online and offline media byway of submitting applications as described in the announcement or byway of referring the same in your email with resume attachment to will facilitate your application to be shortlisted along with other applicants for the advertised positions. Thereafter regularly established process would commence for selecting among applicants. Offer sufficient time for response as the organisation receives over 1500+ applicants for every announcement advertisement campaign. Freshers also with top university ranks and gold medalists are given due weigthage in recruitment.

Seeking suitable position in absence of announcement

Interested applicants are welcome to send your resume to with request for consideration for intended posts desired by you. Regardless of availability of vacancies, organisation recruits persons of excellent calibre especially in academics arena with proven track record, long experience and credible qualification. Persons of achievement and consistent performance record in any sphere of institutions management/ administration / marketing and academic delivery are most welcome to apply by sending resume to foresaid email. You may further followup your application with email to (Freshers do not send followup emails to this ID).

Recruitment process generally followed

Received applications are selected and suitable applicants shortlisted for further communication. Generally shortlisted applicants receive a preassessment questioner weblink by email / whatsapp or followed with a telephone conversation to ascertain details. Interview dates suitable to candidates are fixed for filtered candidates. Interview intimation usually sent by Whatsapp message with a google form or an automated IVRS interview scheduling system. On successful performance in interview, offer letters are issued (by email).

Appointment Conditions on Hiring

Customarily and generally followed norms / procedures as applicable to employment in Higher Education Institutions in Tamil Nadu State would apply. Staffs members shall not alter or abandon their responsibility on any grounds including medical grounds during progress of a semester is a specific condition enforced to ensure students academics / parents interaction is not disturbed or inconvenienced. Generally staff members expected to work for atleast three years but the same is not insisted. We relieve staff members on receiving Government Job Appointment Orders with a condition that they share a box of sweet with fellow collegues. (With sufficient notice and proper process).